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September 24, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Date » Time Event
Sep. 25 » 12:00 PM1L Career Panel: Corporate TransactionsWhat is a corporate transaction? Why does it need a lawyer? What does a corporate lawyer do? Does corporate law require special shoes? Do... Room 1109, Worrell
Sep. 25 » 5:30 PM1L Trial Bar - Sweet 16 Competition RoundSweet 16 Round Room 1312, Worrell
Sep. 25 » 7:00 PMBrisket for Break FastJLSA will be hosting a Break Fast for Yom Kippur and encourages other students to attend and learn about Judaism's most reverent holy day. This event... Courtyard, Worrell
Sep. 26 » 12:00 PMAPALSA Study HallThe purpose of APALSA study hall is to help foster community among APALSA members without adding to everyone's busy schedule. Feel free to use APALSA... Room 1306, Worrell
Sep. 26 » 12:00 PM1L Career Panel: LitigationIs litigation basically just a non-stop cage match? What if I don't like conflict? What if I love writing and researching, but I don't love being the... Room 1109, Worrell
Sep. 26 » 5:30 PM1L Trial Bar - Quarter FinalsQuarter Finals Room 1312, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 11:00 AMIf/When/How Fundraiser for the Carolina Abortion FundIf/when/how will be hosting a bake sale fundraiser for the Carolina Abortion Fund during the last week of September. For each dollar we raise up to... Commons, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 12:00 PMPro Bono Project Unauthorized Practice of LawThe Pro Bono Project Board will receive a training from Professor Murphy on the Unauthorized Practice of Law to ensure that we are following... Room 1309, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 12:00 PMM&A Statutory Considerations and Drafting Lunch and LearnThe BLS and TLC are cohosting this Lunch and Learn to help prepare students for the TLC Competition. Professor Savage will cover the statutory... Room 1312, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 12:00 PMImmigration Law at the Border With Professor VirgilOver this last summer, Professor Virgil visited the United States-Mexico border to help work with migrant children seeking asylum in the United... Room 1308, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 12:00 PM1L Career Panel: Small(er) Town PracticeOnce called legal deserts, but now rebranded as legal oases, small towns throughout North Carolina are rife with legal practice opportunity. Black... Room 1109, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 5:30 PM1L Trial Bar - Semi FinalsSemi Finals Room 1312, Worrell
Sep. 27 » 5:30 PMPro Bono Expungement Project - RESCHEDULEDTHIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO TOMORROW. Pro Bono Expungement Project Room 1107, Worrell
Sep. 28 » 12:00 PMDiverse Legal Careers: Broadening Horizons with DEI - RESCHEDULEDTHIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO OCTOBER 19. Discover the expansive world of law beyond traditional boundaries. "Diverse Legal Careers: Broadening... Room 1108, Worrell
Sep. 28 » 12:00 PMPro Bono Expungement ProjectPro Bono Expungement Project Room 1101, Worrell
Sep. 28 » 12:00 PMLegal Desert....or Legal Oasis? Tackling Access to Justice in NCThis will be a presentation followed by discussion of the NC State Bar's effort to tackle the problem of "legal deserts" in NC. Students will hear... Room 1301, Worrell
Sep. 28 » 12:00 PM1L Career Panel: Advisory PracticeGoogle "advisory legal practice" and you will find...well, nothing. We made up the term to include those practice areas that center on counseling and... Room 1109, Worrell
Sep. 28 » 5:30 PM1L Trial Bar - ChampionshipThe 1L Trial Bar Competition is an early opportunity for 1Ls to gain valuable trial practice experience. Participants receive a short, closed... Room 1312, Worrell
Sep. 29 » 12:00 PM1L Career Panel: Criminal LawHow close to Law and Order is criminal law really like, you ask? You might be surprised, but practicing criminal law is EXACTLY like Law and Order.... Room 1109, Worrell