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Journal of Law and Policy Symposium: 'Disrupting the Death Care Paradigm'

Date: Friday, February 24, 2017
Time: TBA
Description: This symposium is entitled "Disrupting the Death Care Paradigm: Challenges to the Regulation of the Funeral Industry and the American Way of Death." There have been a number of academic conferences addressing death and deathcare, but this symposium for Vol. 8 Issue 1 is unique because it is focused on the very active legal, political and grassroots challenges to the funeral industry and the dominant paradigm of death care in this country. There are two main fronts of challenge to the existing paradigm -- first, from those primarily concerned with the occupational licensing regime that shapes the funeral industry and the choices available to the public; and second, from those primarily concerned with promoting new methods of memorialization and disposition.
Location: Worrell, Room 1312
Contact: Lisa Snedeker
Tags: Tanya Marsh